Do you know that broccoli is the vegetable with perhaps the highest nutritional value of all that exists?

It is a vegetable which on consumption contributes to the high levels of minerals, fibre and mostly vitamins. The vitamins are doing an essential and irreplaceable function for the human body; The Real Academy of Spanish literature define the word ‘vitamin’ as an “organic substance which exists in food and in small portions are necessary for the perfect balance of our different vital function”. There are several kinds of vitamins, and every one of them has a different name (or one letter of the Alphabet).

In spite of its green tone (chlorophyll) which is hidden, the broccoli Mr. Broko is rich in beta – carotene, the natural orange pigment which for example carrots and tomatoes also contain. The pigment, increases our ability for having healthy sun tanned skin, it is a precursor of the vitamin A and it is also called retinol. This vitamin is essential for  good eye sight and its consumption benefits and contributes to our corporal defences and the correct function of the body and nerves, etc.

Broccoli improves diseases prevention such as constipation, cholesterol or diabetes, thanks to its high fiber content.

Vitamin C, which helps to avoid infections and helps the organism to absorb necessary nutrients for example iron is also present in Mr. Broko. Natural broccoli of high quality with its consumption helps you to develop stronger skin; the vitamin C, included in broccoli, assists the development of collagen in your body, but furthermore it contributes to make your bones, teeth and your red blood cells strong.

One of the most abundant vitamins within broccoli is Vitamin E, this very special vegetable which is seeded and cultivated with traditional knowledge and at the same time innovation in The Santa Eulalia agricultural Company. The same as with other vitamins, this also contains powerful antioxidants, the reason for this is it prevents premature aging of your skin and the formation of cancer cells.

The consumption of broccoli is recommended for pregnant woman with the aim to avoid possible disfigurement of the foetus. In addition to this, the presence of the vitamin from group B, principally vitamin B9 also named folate.

These vitamins are necessary for the development and structure of proteins and hemoglobin (ie to transfer the red blood cells).

Properties of broccoli

High amounts of folic acid make broccoli one of the vegetables that bring the highest sense of well-being to those who eat it. Surprised? This is just the beginning.

Calories in broccoli

The broccoli nutrient the organism but not make it fat, owing to this, that is the reason why it is the perfect complement for any consumption.

Benefits of broccoli

The benefits of broccoli for our health are undeniable, and it has always been endorsed by experts due to its many healing properties.