Recommit to the healthy eating habits that should never have disappeared from your daily routine

In Agricola Santa Eulalia we are conscience of the necessity from people in the twenty-first century, who acquire and or restart healthy eating habits which never should have disappeared from their daily routine, which help you to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The Mediterranean diet is considered by the UNESCO what we are tangibly worth humanity; they recommend a daily intake of fruit and vegetables, in spite of the richness of sufficient nutrition which this kind of food possesses which has been seeded and cultivated on Spanish soil.

Broccoli is one of the vegetables which has more nutritional properties and possesses antioxidants, the reason for Agricola Santa Eulalia we go to a lot of effort and work day to day to offer the best broccoli on the market, MrBroko.  Anticancer, which shows the National Institute of Cancer in the United States, broccoli is the vegetable which mostly prevents the control and fear of cancer; the high contents of antioxidants and nutrients which claim the amount of activity certainly keep on top of to convert the optimum food to block or eliminate from the body certain cancerous agents.


Well-being and health, broccoli also stands out as a treatment it is very rich in calcium, the reason for the optimum vegetable for the formation of the bones during growth to prevent the disease of osteoporosis.

The ingestion of broccoli also helps older people and woman during menopause alleviates problems of decalcification in the bones. Magnesium is also one of the chemical elements which are contained in Mr. Broko, the broccoli that Agricola Santa Eulalia cultivates for you. The magnesium, which also contain  broccoli, protect against illness like stress or the nerves which regulates the heartbeat.

If it would be nothing, these singular vegetables also help to regenerate the cells and control against bacteria and virus. Iron and potassium are the other nutrients which contribute to broccoli, for this reason we recommend for people to consume who have a tendency to suffer from anaemia, children, pregnant woman or people who habitually suffer from nosebleeds and people who are obese, hypertension or suffer arthritis or fluid retention. Its high content of folic acid converts the broccoli into one of the major vegetables which promotes well-being to whom consumes it.

Anything does more?

With Mr Broko you’ll have broccoli all the year


Calories in broccoli

The broccoli nutrient the organism but not make it fat, owing to this, that is the reason why it is the perfect complement for any consumption.

Vitamins in Broccoli

Broccoli may be the most nutritious vegetable of all. Eating it provides the body with high supplies of minerals, fiber and most of all vitamins.

Benefits of broccoli

The benefits of broccoli for our health are undeniable, and it has always been endorsed by experts due to its many healing properties.