Mr. Broko at Fruit Attraction

Mr. Broko at Fruit Attraction

Agrícola Santa Eulalia will be once again at Fruit Attraction in its 10th edition.

As a family-run business devoted to fruit and vegetable production for more than 20 years, we are backed by our experience and the quality and excellence of our products. Our production is as natural as the land in which our products grow, the east of Spain, an area characterized by its microclimates and matchless soils.

All these peculiarities turn Agrícola Santa Eulalia into the perfect company to produce and market different products such as: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cavolo nero, artichoke, table grape without seeds (white, red and black), Saturn peach and nectarine.

Agrícola Santa Eulalia started growing Broccoli, the flagship product of our company. We have devoted great attention and care in producing it, and it has its own character thanks to our brand Mr. Broko.

Our products are grown under the strictest food quality and safety controls (BRC, GLOBAL GAP + GRASP, IFS and QS). We do this with the sole purpose of providing customers, both in Spain and abroad, with unique products with amazing taste, which are healthy and bring you directly to the countryside and the nature.