Recommit to the healthy eating habits that should never have disappeared from your daily routine

Rough order of magnitude, the word calories is in reference to a unit of thermo energy. The calories are in the food and body. Furthermore, there exist nutriments which has major amount of calories, which means, they give us a higher amount of energy as other nutrient we ingest. For this reason it is essential that our organism earn the adequate and necessary amount of calories, if not in the opposite, it would be more than enough and would finish stock in the body as a fat. The professionals of health adverts the recommended daily amount of calories for an adult are between 2000 and 2500 per day for male, and for female it should be between 1500 and 2000.

Mr. Broko, the broccoli of Agrícola Santa Eulalia, is one of these nutrients which help you in order to stick to a healthy and equilibrated diet for many reasons, because of its high level of fibre and nutriments, but furthermore of the very low level of calories which contain each 100 gram of broccoli only 23.

In spite of that, it seems elevated, this mark is quite low in comparison of other kinds of food, exactly like experts of nutrition advert: With the ingestion of a Frankfurt sausage (66 grams of fat), or three slices of streaky beacon (35 grams of fat) the organism gain the same quantity of calories if you eat half kilogram of Mr. Broko.

The broccoli contributes to nourish our organism, but without getting fat, that is the reason why it is the perfect complement for any consumption:  Steamed, boiled, roasted, battered, sautéed or as a garnish of meat and fish; there are infinitive options which converts Mr. Broko in a natural, delicious and healthy option to start a wholesome lifestyle.

Do you going to dare?

The broccoli nutrient the organism but not make it fat, owing to this, that is the reason why it is the perfect complement for any consumption.

Properties of broccoli

High amounts of folic acid make broccoli one of the vegetables that bring the highest sense of well-being to those who eat it. Surprised? This is just the beginning.

Vitamins in Broccoli

Broccoli may be the most nutritious vegetable of all. Eating it provides the body with high supplies of minerals, fiber and most of all vitamins.

Benefits of broccoli

The benefits of broccoli for our health are undeniable, and it has always been endorsed by experts due to its many healing properties.