Mr. Broko joins all the best, which can contribute a familiar and traditional company.

The label Mr. Broko represents broccoli which is cultivated in a traditionally and innovated way in Agrícola Santa Eulalia, in its best geographic region, because of its climate and soil, in the southeast of Spain. Mr. Broko joins all the best, which can contribute a familiar and traditional company, to proffer with its positive things and its newest technologies and with its philosophy in favour of the environment, due to the compass which guide us into the right direction of planets ´sustainability.

Mr. Broko is a synonym of excellence and health; one time realized the seed, cultivation and collection underneath the protocol of Tesco Nurture, BRC and Globalgap, we process the broccolis underneath the strict control of quality and security alimentary and with the pretention to make it reachable for the customer, on the national and international way. One unique product with its unmistakeable and exceptional taste, which remember the importance to consume healthy and natural products.

The head-team is run by the youngest generation of the family, one dream which had seemed too far away when the company was constructed, in spite of everything, it became reality.

Our company represents the values of traditional and classic agricultural, furthermore using all possible resources and always supporting the most healthy and natural, which offer new options for the society nowadays.

For this reason, our company is always developing our infrastructure, formats, processes and methods of work which enables us to adjust all our products to the current market, in order to maintain products to the highest level of quality. This family enterprise is represented by a young team who are searching for work stability for their employees which enables them to be a part of an innovated society and gives them pleasure to do it well. The team is headed by the youngest generation of the family, one dream which had seemed to be too far away when the company was constructed, in spite of everything, it became reality.

Our company works with the most qualified staff, which forms the perfect tandem in order to work with the best machines adapted for packaging the product. This makes us one of the most successful companies to satisfy our different client demands. However, our vegetables reach the costumers’ table in the perfect shape, owing to this; all these people reap the benefits of its traits.

The product is transported from our fields to our modern installations when the different varieties are in season. It is cleaned, canned and packed according to the protocol of quality which is necessary for each product. Thanks to a very strict measures and an appropriate protocol, the customers are able to enjoy our vegetables without losing any of its benefits.