Tips for planting and growing broccoli

31 julio, 2014
Let’s say you wish to learn how to plant and grow broccoli. Let’s say you had never dared to try. If this is you go for it! Mr Broko is a trusted brand who wants to share with you all the information you’ve ever wanted to plant and grow broccoli making it easy.
plantar y cultivar brocoli

The first step to plant and grow broccoli: Decide

The first step to plant and grow broccoli is to make decisions. You must decide the variety of broccoli to plant depending on the space and climate you have in your area. You should also decide the location considering the future of your plants as they are going to need a few hours of direct sunlight, do not underestimate this factor for proper development.

The second step to plant and grow broccoli: Check and prepare

The second step is to plant and cultivate broccoli is to check and correct if necessary. You must make several checks, for example: What type of soil you have in the area that you intend to plant? Do you know if it is acidic or alkaline? Broccoli requires slightly acidic soil that drains well to prevent the plant form rotting. It also requires a soft, loose and fertile soil. Prepare the soil for the broccoli if possible up to two months in advance, air ate and add about 10cms of well-matured compost. If the soil is of really poor quality you can always improve it by adding a nitrogen rich organic fertiliser.

The third step to plant and grow broccoli: Sow seeds or plant cuttings

Plant your seeds of broccoli seedlings, except the calabrese variety which cannot be transplanted. After ten days they begin to germinate. You can rinse the seed if it is too thick or wait to transplant into the ground directly when the seedlings already have 6 or 8 fully formed leaves, usually in about 50 days.

You can also plant cuttings born of floral stems of the broccoli plants in pots until they have a good root and can be directly planted in the soil. In pots the most important thing is if you notice the tiny plants wilting water in quantity but without wetting the floor only the base.

Practical tips for planting and growing broccoli

1. As broccoli is pollinated by insects, if more than one type of crop of the family B affects the cross and then it is not feasible to save the seeds.

2. Broccoli should not be planted where there has been other crops of the same family within the past two years egg cauliflower or cabbage because it would be more susceptible to herniation.

3. Broccoli seeds can be saved up to 5 years.

4. Weeds can be avoided or managed if you mix straw or compost with the soil. The benefits to the broccoli plants as the weeds are choked.


Photo credit plantar y cultivar brocoli: starfish75

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