How to propagate you own broccoli seeds

30 julio, 2014
Broccoli seeds are a challenge for the amateur gardener. If you love broccoli and have decided to farm it Mr Broko will give you the best advise to help you achieve self-sufficiency with broccoli seeds.

semillas de brocoli

If you want to propagate broccoli seeds the first thing you must know is that broccoli is self-sterile. What does this mean? This means that you need more plants to produce healthy and viable seeds, at least 10 to get good broccoli seeds. You will also need to be sure that when you buy your first broccoli production seeds that they are not a variety but an organic hybrid. When planting be careful not to plant your broccoli near other plants of the same family eg cabbage, turnip or cauliflower as they will cross too easily and loose there value as producers of broccoli seed. The minimum distance these crops should be separated is 1.5km.

The first stage to obtain broccoli seeds

Follow these tips step by step to ensure you have an excellent supply of broccoli seeds.

1. After selecting the initial variety and growing the plants, only as a producer of seeds you want the growth phase which only produces the leaves.
2. After a while, thanks to the cold the plant will flower, this is the induction phase when the flowering process truly begins.
3. After that is when the plant will develop the central pellet phase where you can collect it if you want to consume it along with some of the pellets.
4. Now is when you should pay attention: one or two leaves healthy side shoots on each plant will develop seeds.
5. Seeds are produced in pods, you must collect them before they open by themselves, provided that the ground is dry, and has had time to mature, which usually coincides with the pods turning brown.
6. Tie the plants containing the dried pods and place them in a paper bag. Hang them upside down in a cool place and wait to finish drying.
7. If they do not fall on their own after a while, you can easily detach them once they are completely dry.
8. This is the end of the process: if everything went well you have a lot of broccoli seeds for your enjoyment!

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