Planting broccoli: when, where and how?

31 julio, 2014
Planting broccoli may initially be a bewildering task for the novice amateur. When you consider the advise we give you then planting broccoli can become very rewarding work.
siembra de brocoli

Planting broccoli: When?

Planting broccoli depends on two key factors:

1. Variety: There are different varieties of broccoli, early and late. Check the seed packet for which type caters to your specifications.

2. The hemisphere where you grow: It is not the same planting broccoli in Spain (northern hemisphere) than in any country in South America (southern hemisphere). The information for the northern hemisphere is as follows but if you adapt it to the southern hemisphere you just have to add six months to the date we have provided.

General tips that can be useful for you

- The early varieties are planted in mid April.
- The calabrese broccoli is sown in early May, but if you have access to a greenhouse or tunnel you can advance planting the seeds by about three weeks.
- The late varieties can be planted in the month of August.

Planting broccoli: Where?

- For sowing early varieties of broccoli (April-May) it is important to place the plants in a situation where they can receive direct sunlight 8 hours a day. If they have less exposure to the sun or semi-shade, they will grow well but slower and with less force.
- Keep in mind that broccoli plants usually grow qiute large so you have to give them enough space.
- If you do not have your own land you can choose to grow broccoli in a pot. The container needs to be at least 25cms and 20 litre capacity, remember in pots you must fertilise and water more often.

Planting broccoli: How?

It is generally best to plant this vegetable rich in seed, except the caprese variety which you sow to avoid transplant seedlings. The preparation prior to planting the broccoli is important: the soil should be slightly acidic, drained but moist, leave a space between plants of about 7cm, clearing later increasing this distance to 22cms.


Photo credit siembra de brocoli: woodleywonderworks / Foter / CC BY

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