Dukan and broccoli

30 julio, 2014

In Mr Broko maximum care is taken of all our production process from planting broccoli until it reaches your plate. We are so convinced of the quality and excellence of our product as it is a proven fact that broccoli is one of the best foods that you can consume.

Previous entries highlight the benefits provided by the consumption of this vegetable for the whole family and we recommend that you include it on your shopping list as an essential food if you want to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The controversial Dukan diet includes broccoli on what’s known as the second phase, a period of time in which the individual can consume all that is allowed in the first phase (pure protein and no vegetables) and also certain kinds of vegetables, this includes precious broccoli.

Mediterranean Diet Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Broccoli is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, as I have indicated, its consumption contributes large amounts of calcium to the body, it is anti-cancer, prevents problems such as constipation and anaemia, strengthens the immune system, protects eye heath or prevents bleeding between a very long etcetera.

At Mr Broko we do not understand that certain diets prohibit consumption during certain stages of this very beneficial food

In this sense The Mediterranean Diet declared by UNESCO Intangible Heritage recommends consuming a variety of all kinds of fruit and vegetables 365 days a year. Between these products broccoli is an indispensable source of health.

Dukan and the absence of vegetables

The famous Dukan diet (high protein) has been criticised by many nutritionalists and consumers around the world, to the point that its author Pierre Dukan has been expelled from the French Medical Association. The reason that has generated much controversy and criticism has been his method: the Dukan Diet is based on thin mobilizing energy reserves of the body, ie fat and glycogen stored in the body. The problem comes when that fat and glycogen stops ingesting due to such a restrictive diet which the Dukan method imposes.

Experts warn that the consequences of the Dukan Diet are harmful to your health: damage to the liver and kidneys, muscle fatigue, constipation or cramps are some of the effects of this diet.

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