Cartoon broccoli

22 julio, 2014
Dibujo brócoli It must not to be a problem, to introduce in the weekly children’s menu a healthy and fresh vegetable as Mr. Broko.

The Mr. Broko Company gives you so many advices “brokoconsejos” in relation to this kind of bound, which seems to start in children without any reason or explanation in order to refuse vegetables.

But to adapt Mr. Broko for children´s taste involves being very imaginative when cooking, not only requires creativity, liaison which contribute that kids enjoy more they dishes. To befit Mr. Broko for children´s taste involves also, that kids should be associated to things or moments which make them happy and be fancied of them.

Mr. Broko for drawing

Fortunately, there are infinitive ways to cope that your children will not to bother to taste such a healthy product as Mr. Brokos´ broccoli from Lorca’s countryside is. By continuation, we offer you a simple and effective strategy: Mr. Broko for drawing

Worried about your health

One of the missions of Mr. Broko is, to approach healthy and equilibrated food to the Spanish’s, but above all to children’s population. The publicity which makes reference to fast food products affect kids enormous due to the association of marketing strategy which are used by the big multinational enterprises.

We from the Mr. Broko Company are informed about the awful consequence of these kinds of products in children´s body, and they are nothing else as our future. Fight against the children obesity in order to get more information about foods education from the very first time contributes of having a sustainable and healthy epoch. We from Mr. Broko Company are convinced of having reached the battlefield, we just need your help: introduce vegetables for daily consumption as much as you can. Give a go Mr. Broko´s movement!

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