Broccoli tart served in wraps

30 julio, 2014
Creativity in the kitchen has no limits and if you have healthy and tasty ingredients as Mr. Broko´s broccoli, it only could go well and satisfactory. It will be possible to do surprisingly dishes, which we will present you in continuation.

tarta de brocoli

Detail of the dish

Time needed for preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking time: from 40 to 45 minutes
Total time: 1hour 15 minutes approximately
Capacity: 4 to 6 portions

Ingredients for the broccoli tart

- A bit of oil for the form
- 1 packet of puff pastry, ( normally it comes in the packet 2 of those, but we use just 1 of them for the broccoli tart)
- 1 yolk egg

Ingredients for the filling

- 100 ml of olive oil
- 3 flowers of buquet of broccoli ( we only use the head, without stem)
- 300 gr. yoghourt
- ½ cup of dried, smashed tomato, without any kind of juice
- 1 bunch of dill, without stem
- 3 eggs
- 100 gr. of grated cheese
- salt and pepper, if it is posible fresh grounded pepper

Preparation of filling

1- Warn up the oil in a large pan and put into the broccoli flowers, saltier and pepper it for 6 or 8 minutes until the liquid has vanished and makes it softer.
2- Add the liquid yoghourt, the dried tomatoes and the dill, mix it carefully and retire from heat.
3- Cool down on room temperature.
4- Shake the eggs and mix into with the mixture we had prepared before with broccoli. Add grated cheese, salt and pepper.

Preparation of the broccoli tart

1- Warm up the oven until 180º Celsious. Oil the form lightly.
2- Flatten and extend the puffy pastry.
3- Pour the mixture with the broccoli Mr. Broko lengthwise ( never across!) of the puffy pastry, after that roll in with a aluminium paper to make a roll.
4- Move the tart of broccoli into the form, and paint it with the egg yolk. .
5- Roast it in the middle of the oven 40 - 45 minutes, until the pastry gets a beautiful colour.
6- Let it cool down a bit, in order to this result, your broccoli tart will be ready to slice off a huge piece.

Photo credit tarta de brocoli: Dynamix, CC

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