All about the broccoli plant

28 julio, 2014
The broccoli plant is an amazing green beauty, Would you fancy to know more about it?
planta de brocoli
At first sight, the broccoli plant doesn’t seem to be useful at all, but it can be used everything of it.

The flowers, typical green, are delicious and used to prepare different dishes. The leaf, petiolate, lobulated and big sized, it can be eaten if you pull off the nerves and cut it in small pieces. After bleaching, it will be salted with other ingredients. It also can be used in soups or omelettes, or just mix up your favourite salad with it. Equally, the broccoli stem can be cut in long thin strips or sliced. Just in case, if you have animals at your farm, they will enjoy the rest of leaves which are not be used for cooking.

Each garden must have a plant of broccoli, because only to see it growing is a great experience.
The new sort of modern broccoli produce huge, green-blued flowers, which measures between 60 and 75 cm. Furthermore, other smaller varieties exists: the Italian, best known as calabrese, which measures 45cm, and the dwarf, which is obviously very tiny, it measures only 15 cm.

The broccoli plant is used to flourish a main flower and several little ones inside the same plant. It reproduce itself easily due to slipping.

However, at the beginning, the broccoli plant is catalogued as annual or perennial plant. It also exist species as the “nine star perennial”, which can live until 8 or 9 years.

In order to its necessities, the broccoli plant grows very easily on drowned, well fertilised soil with plenty sun. It requires being constantly humid.
Certainly, the broccoli plant doesn´t like heat, in spite of its tolerance to freeze, the flowers being affected by brown spots.

It shows its huge characteristic majority and most interests about the broccoli plant. Nevertheless, step by step, you will find more specific details about each f its aspects in the next articles. Watch out!

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